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Things You Need to Be Aware of Before Booking a Hotel in Amsterdam

by Laura

Browsing the World (too) Wide Web in search of accomodation for 2 persons in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I came across some reviews of tourists who have stayed in different hotels in Amsterdam. For obvious reasons, we are not going to reveal the names of the hotels or of the users who have sent their personal opinions, but we are going to mention the source because we are a transparent and fair structure.

So here they go:

  • No toilets in rooms is a negative. Had to change room after 2 nights of a 4 night stay. No kettle in first room and hairdryer broken.” – kettle is a MUST!
  • the room was extremely small and badly freestanding” – are you sure you were not in Haiti?
  • „no hot milk for breakfast” – how about cold milk?
  • Bed linen very nice. Rooms spacious and had nice balconies.” – hm… are you really talking about the rooms?
  • Friend described lights in toilet as frightening and found a bit of pasta in bed Strong smell of marijuana – didn’t you also see a huge fiery reddish ball rushing across the sky every now and then? Or it was not you, sorry, I meant your „friend”!
  • The hotel seems so far ,but not ever, only in the nigth, when the people are tired – I’ve heard that hotels in Amsterdam have this peculiar habit of strolling to and fro the city during the night, just to annoy tired people…
  • steep windy stairs cannot get internet connection in the room” – not even the internet connection can climb steep Dutch stairs!
  • „we ear evrything around us” – oh that is really terrifying! I’d rather not ear anything, I have very sensitive ears! But maybe you are just curious people…
  • „- poor, ‘economy’ breakfast. We needed to ask salami and cheese, it wasn’t automatic. Bad taste of coffee. – the room painting on 4th floor is ugly” – bad food & coffee is bearable, but bad room painting is totally outrageous!!! Keep away from the 4th floor!
  • Tell the staff that if a foreigner trys to speak Dutch, it is not always necssay to reply in English.” – I should say it depends on the foreigner’s tongue skills.
  • „no any live activities in this hotel.” – aren’t you a lazy one?
  • „I hate to be negative but there is one thing. The gentleman who takes care of the breakfast room was so unpleasant it made me uncomfortable. There was no chance to get a smile or even a hello out of him. I wondered what I had done wrong. Maybe because I was an American.” – American tourists! Always upsetting the natives! (Maybe you mentioned words such as „unobtainium” ?…)
  • „Kind people at the reception except a never smiling lady, asking abruptly for leaving the key !” – what inclination degree did the slope have? Apparently Dutch people do not smile, except for extremely good reasons, get used to that, people!
  • „Only minor matters: The pillow was too hard (too high) maybe the pillow case was just too small. Nice breakfast buffet, but the eggs were hard boiled! ” – all in all, things have the tendency of being hard in Amsterdam. Get used to that too! (Not TOO used, though)
  • „A very old and grubby looking bath for which we bought a rubber mat.Some lack of privacy due to no blinds or curtain on the overhead window at the back and guests could look down from floors above and wave” – don’t we all just love well-raised dedicated tourists? I bet you waved back!
  • „We found a hair in the bed…it was bad!! But in general, it was looked clean.” – bad bad hair! You stay where you was said or you was be punished!
  • No smoking rooms. Come on, that what amsterdams about” – You were mislead, dear…

Draw your own conclusions!


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